Duck Creek Video Course


Duck Creek Video Course


Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from coming out and learning, growing skills Learn Duck creek technology course which help you in better future.

The videos are professionally recorded for better understanding which are led by our favorite faculties We have trained more than 200+ students at our institute and are performing wonderful in their field


1. Introduction
  • Introduction to Duck Creek
  • Duck Creek Architecture
  • Inheritance
  • Duck Creek Installation explained in detail
  • Duck Creek Folder Structure
  • Self Study
2. Example Author
  • Example Author Overview
  • Groups and its Properties
  • Author Field View
  • Field Execution Order
  • Duck Creek tables
  • Example Forms
  • Data tester
  • Page Designer/View
  • Self Study
3. Debugging tools
  • Example Debugger
  • Trace Monitor
  • Difference between debugging tools
  • Self Study
4. Example Express
  • Working of Express
  • Self Study
5. Duck creek training
  • Duck Creek Rating Overview.
  • Implementation.
  • Self Study.
6. Example extract
  • Overview
  • Different Configuration Files
  • Transact Implementation
  • Self Study


What is Duck Creek ?

Duck Creek is a Property & Casualty  Insurance program that exists to help  most of the daily  operations for  P&C Insurance Carrier.

It consists of a Policy management system,  which allows agents to enter quotes and bind them. It has a rating engine and built-in transaction management.

 It sends invoices, handles non-payments and automates payments and many more.It has a Billing program that leads to ease billing processes. Also, it has a claim network, so secured  can make claims.

The platform is strong, malleable and modular. It can be flexed very easily to add various functionality. It also has a retention scripting language, making everything configurable to meet the needs of individual insurance carriers Duck Creek Technologies provides  a range of products aimed at the property and casualty insurance department.

It helps in managing policy life cycles and counter to new products; helps advanced calculations for rate changes; integrates back office billing function and allows superior claim refining in sturdy software that can handle over 17000 concurrent users with the power to process 4000 claims per hour. It also delivers  agency portals, agency connect, book smart in its range of products. Duck Creek technology  products employ higher technology and are  rich in features  to be compatible virtually with  any type of insurance operation. All components are included in the curriculum for this specialized Duck Creek training which are discussed above and many more…


1. Is this a Recorded Course or a Live Training ?

These videos are   recorded . This is a recorded  course which will be given to you as soon as you enroll for the course, we will  send you confirmation email access to the course. You will receive the details by using this you can watch all the modules in one go.

2. Please explain what is the difference between Live Training & a Recorded Course?

In a live training  one  will attend the classes everyday (weekdays) on a particular day and listen to the trainer live. You can interact with trainers  directly. But in a Recorded Course you can listen at your comfort to the videos at your own speed. You can watch and listen from  the videos multiple times. When you have a question you can contact the trainer by mail or contact number and get your doubts clarified.

3. What is the course duration ?

The course starts as soon as you join and never ends! It is a and when you want to  finish. completely self-paced online course – you plan when you start

4. Is there any limited time for access to the course?

After joining the course, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you want – compatible across any and all devices you own.

5. How do I contact you if I have any queries?

We provide 1-year free support if you enrol for this course. When you have a question, just email us at, our trainers will reply clarifying the doubts you have. You can also Whatsapp us at +918186944555  for contacting  us.

6. Will I be able to get a job after this video course ?

We assist in  100% job assistance, You can book  an appointment with our expert. We will conduct mock interviews and  take special interview preparation sessions which help you get a job.

Why learn duck creek by us ?

Duck Creek Technology(DCT) first  started its operation in the USA but it has impacted and is in demand in many countries. DCT is functional in the insurance industries of  India , UK, Canada and Australia. DCT has established  research and development centers that are  working in the UK,   Australia etc.. and India apart from the United states of America.

As a result of the increase in demand for DCT it  is helping generate employment in a huge volume . DCT is helpful in reducing cost ,maintenance and system time as well.

With usage of DCT billing software customer service is also increased with the help of Duck Creek technology. Advantage of DCT is that it has codeless configuration resulting in better business rules  and capabilities like advanced codeless configuration for defining the business rules. DCT by using software analytical driven solutions are done.

  • DCT is in high demand for its eccentric features
  • DCT helps you to focus on high priority 
  • Software facilitates users to make claims

Many more topics are covered in our training programmer.

Why Choose us ?

Industry experts trainers

100% real time live work experience

We teach the course at lower price comparing to other training institutes in Hyderabad.

Request for a free demo class by passionate trainers who are ready to teach the course with easy and informative method.

Reviewed curriculum

  • The syllabus is tailored by experienced faculty for the quick learning of Duck creek technology course.

Access to online training

  • Our trainers are giving training around the world and don’t miss the opportunity.

Post training support

  • Our faculty is ready to help you with doubt clarification post training and interview preparation

Colleague  support

  • We led the new students to have chat with past participants of our course to share their view and experience with our institute

Insurance Topics

Sub topics for policy

Duck creek billing topics

Product studio topic

Duck creek claims topic

Duck creek policy topic

And many sub topics are covered

Growth in  different types of assets such as  insurance policies and centers are vital to make one's  assets protected and secure from high theft problems taking place in these high technology periods. Modern programs are helpful  to keep all personal records safe and secure

The Duck Creek Training institute   in Hyderabad mission is  to improvise the sector of insurance by creating  it more easily  for every consumer. The Duck Creek program is now jointly owned by Accenture and Apex.

The program has a massive variety  consisting of browsing technologies and is specially planned  for the business users with sophisticated  technical knowledge for delivering top and automated test scripts.


Duck creek video course

" I have completed my video course from duck creek training. My experience with this institute was amazing. The quality of education is not compromised, the curriculum was on to the point."

Shivani (Engineer)

" I am  impressed with the trainer's experience in the field of duck creek. They helped me clear all my doubts related to course topics. I didn’t feel any hindrance in clarifying doubts. It was very easy to understand the curriculum. All of this credit goes to the trainers of this institute."

Mahmood (Engineer)

I was amazed by the service offered by this institute I expected this video course to be boring but because of their doubt clearing sessions made it effective.

Jennifer D’souza(Housewife)

" Duck Creek training has helped me to get a job. "

Here are the things which I liked in this course

  • Organized management of institute
  • Doubts clarification
  • Way of teaching 
  • Placement support

Sharon (Business Analyst)

I being a teacher it was very difficult to join a regular course or live course so I opted for this recorded course and I 100% don’t regret this step. The quality of service is top-notch.

Madhuri (Lecturer)

I always learn new skills that I can implement in the business. I would like to thank the trainers for helping me through this course it has actually turned out to be beneficial for my company.

Dinesh Goud (Business Owner)